Ange Leccia: Ravir la force mais toujours aimer

The abbey of Jumièges nestled in the peaceful meanders of the Seine river proposes until October 31 next a set of six visual art creations by Ange Leccia: To delight the force but always love. The moving images of this corsican artist evoke water and sky, acting as a metronome of time. Timeless and androgynous faces asleep or just dreamers, drift in filigree on a distant background of musical loops of the last 50 years …   Dealing with a persistent melancholy, that of an adolescence lost over a peaceful water …     Angel Leccia reminds us that the period of adolescence was called “depression” during Greek antiquity. “I always make the parallel between adolescence and the state of the artist, they are both hyper idealistic and even endian … if there was not this suffering there would not be such creativity!” .       Echoing the medieval past of the abbey of Jumièges and its  gorgeous open-air ruins, Ange Leccia refers to the myth of Enemies of Jumièges restored in Evariste-Vital Luminais’ painting.  The legend refers to king Clovis II,  away from his kingdom for a distant pilgrimage leaving his two sons behind him. Chasing their mother caused


The Soulages Century ©

This year the city of Rodez celebrates with pride the Soulages Century © as well as the 5 years of existence of the Museum of the same name. Seven themes will be deployed in the city,  focusing on monumental, musical, gastronomic, museum and urban art. The cathedral of Rodez meanwhile, will be wrapped with light with the talent of the artist Miguel Chevalier from the first days of August. The Soulages Museum in Rodez In the early 2000’s, a vote was held for the construction of the museum, which opened in May 2014. The construction of the building was entrusted to the Catalan cabinet RCR arquitectes (Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta). The exteriors of the building deploy a belted corten steel façade, embellished with a rusty patina effect.         These tones of orange-brown remind us of the paper works with walnut husks of the secular artist. The vast architectural ensemble extends over more than 6000 square meters. Pierre Soulages, known for his outrageous canvases, his Chinese ink and his walnut  stains has also designed the drawings of the Foirail garden near the museum. The artist and his wife, Colette, will donate no less than 500




Projet Sweden@

It is in the frame of the Sweden@ project launched in 2013 by the Swedish Institute that the Parisian public will be able to discover the beautiful Insight photographic exhibition in its gardens until June 9th.Sweden@ has established a strong link between different participating countries and Sweden, thus fostering creative co-creation and networking relationships across borders. Every year new countries join this “cultural caravan”, extending this initiative, particularly with the prospect of the Africa 2020 season. This event will bring together 54 states on the African continent in Paris. Up to now Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Colombia and Mexico are Sweden@’s main partners.   The public will be able to wander through the gardens of the Swedish Institute to discover the artistic work of 6 visual storytellers (2 women and 4 men), real creators in movement, sharing their vision of Africa today and tomorrow. About the artists of the exhibition Insight Earl Abrahams, from South Africa, explores the themes of identity and different forms of segregation and to his eyes photography as well as video, are means of expression giving a voice to the oppressed. He chose to exhibit a black and white series on the contortions of a


London & Partners à Paris

A memorable evening on the theme of London took place in the residence of the Ambassador of England in Paris to promote London & Partners, the official convention office and promotion agency of the capital  across the Channel.This workshop organized masterfully by Axium Marketing Agency has allowed us to discover prestigious London brands and hotels such as The May Fair, where London Fashion Week takes place every year, generating more than 100 million pounds of orders. Barbara Jamison-Woods of the London Convention Bureau was there to inform the various event organizers of London’s extraordinary potential.  Should you dream of having a dinner or a reception at Kensington Palace or a cocktail party in the Tower of London for your clients? This project will become a reality with the help of the London Convention Bureau and its multiple partners!  Many thanks to Axium Marketing and Corinne Both, organizer of this great event!