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The Soulages Century ©

This year the city of Rodez celebrates with pride the Soulages Century © as well as the 5 years of existence of the Museum of the same name. Seven themes will be deployed in the city,  focusing on monumental, musical, gastronomic, museum and urban art. The cathedral of Rodez meanwhile, will be wrapped with light with the talent of the artist Miguel Chevalier from the first days of August.

The Soulages Museum in Rodez

In the early 2000’s, a vote was held for the construction of the museum, which opened in May 2014. The construction of the building was entrusted to the Catalan cabinet RCR arquitectes (Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta). The exteriors of the building deploy a belted corten steel façade, embellished with a rusty patina effect.


Le Siècle Soulages©/ Volumes extérieurs Musée Soulages/RCR -Photothèque Rodez
Volumes extérieurs Musée Soulages/RCR -Photothèque Rodez

Le Siècle Soulages©/ Brou de noix 1964 © Musée Soulages
Peinture au brou de noix 1 er Juin 1964 © Musée Soulages




Le Siècle Soulages© /érieur Musée Soulages/RCR -Photothèque Rodez
Intérieur Musée Soulages/RCR -Photothèque Rodez

These tones of orange-brown remind us of the paper works with walnut husks of the secular artist. The vast architectural ensemble extends over more than 6000 square meters. Pierre Soulages, known for his outrageous canvases, his Chinese ink and his walnut  stains has also designed the drawings of the Foirail garden near the museum. The artist and his wife, Colette, will donate no less than 500 works (including the sketches on the stained glass of the Conques Abbey) to the museum space that belongs to Rodez agglomeration.
The public will be able to discover the worldwide most important collection of works of this artist who expresses so beautifully the light in his black shades. The budget of the exhibition The Soulages Century ©  is worth 600 000 euros and the attendance is primarily illustrated by the Ruthénois ( Rodez inhabitants) and 5% of international visitors. Soulages made sure that the museum  would keep a temporary exhibition room open to many artists.


Le Siècle Soulages©/ d’YvesKlein réalisé à l’occasion du tournage de Peter Morley«The Heartbeat of France-» © DR
Portrait d’Yves Klein réalisé à l’occasion du tournage de Peter Morley « The Heartbeat of France » _Print

Le Siècle Soulages©/ 1960 ©Succession Yves Klein ADAGP 2019
Helena 1960 ©Succession Yves Klein ADAGP 2019

From June 22th to November 3rd, there will be a presentation about Yves Klein, Monopainter and its particular ultramarine blue that will compete with Soulages’ deep black tones! The museum also houses the Michel Bras café, voted by the profession “most influential chef in the world” in 2017. You will enjoy the local “tripous”(animal guts), Mas liver pâté  and fouace, a traditional  regional cake scented with orange blossom.


Le Siècle Soulages© / Création Michel Bras pour le Musée Soulages©K.HIBBS
Création Michel Bras pour le Musée Soulages©K.HIBBS

On the occasion of the exhibition opening, seven great Aveyron chefs paid tribute to the centenary artist by creating a dessert exclusively made of fouace, cheese and gentian. The apprentice cooks of the Chamber of Crafts in Aveyron also contributed to this culinary event.


The Imaginary Museum of Pierre Soulages

It is at the Fenaille museum that Pierre Soulages experienced his first emotions facing the world of archeology:
The traditional painting did not interest me, I preferred the painting of the caves that made its way very slowly in me …
The exhibition  introduced at the museum underlines the artist’s deep attachment to prehistoric and  roman art, not forgetting the primitive and popular arts. The creation of Soulages has been nourished by all these eras and this imaginary museum, which will open its doors on June 14th. It will guide the public in the footsteps of Soulages’ personal creations, rooted in the history of humanity.



 Le Siècle Soulages© / Dieu de l'hôpital © T. Estadieu/ Musée Fenaille
Dieu de l’hôpital © T. Estadieu/ Musée Fenaille


The cathedral of Rodez between pink sandstone and illuminations

The Cathedral Notre-Dame de Rodez built between the 13th and 16th centuries, was listed as a Historic Monument in 1862.
It took three centuries of work for this imposing Gothic cathedral made of pink. As part of the Soulages © Century and the 8th edition of IN SITU Heritage and Contemporary Art, the public will discover the great virtual reality installation Digital Supernova, initiated by the artist Miguel Chevalier, recently exhibited at the Soulages Museum.



Le Siècle Soulages©/© Simulation Digital Supernova Miguel Chevalier
© Simulation Digital Supernova Miguel Chevalier

 Le Siècle Soulages©/ Digital Supernova Miguel Chevalier
© Simulation Digital Supernova Miguel Chevalier

This artist, born in Mexico and a graduate in art and archeology at the Sorbonne, uses computers as a means of expression in the field of visual arts. His artistic projects have been appreciated on many occasions in various public and architectural spaces. Very inspired by the action painting of the painter Jackson Pollock, Miguel Chevalier has put in the bridge the electronic dripping.
The Cathedral Notre-Dame de Rodez, which this great artist will honor in August, urgently deserves the attention of heritage institutions for its restoration.

Discover the stained glass windows of Soulages in Conques

Conques, important step of the way of Compostelle is today classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France. Its abbey, Sainte-Foy de Conques constitutes one of the major buildings of the Roman art according to the model of the large churches of pilgrimage.
The lower floor of the abbey brings together a hundred decorative capitals mainly engraved  with vegetal representations.

 Le Siècle Soulages/©A.Causse2015

The art of sculpture will be the most accomplished in the achievements of the master of the Tympanum of the last judgment.

Throughout the summer period, the Nocturnes de Conques will illuminate the 12th century tympanum and its 124 carved figures. This show wrapped in silence, is the open book of  angels stories, elected and demons that come alive in color before our eyes. In 1986, the Ministry of Culture offered Pierre Soulages to make a public order of 104 stained glass windows for the Sainte-Foy church in Conques. Soulages admitted that “Conques was the place of his first artistic emotions “.

Le Siècle Soulages©/êt de chapiteaux /Abbatiale-OTCM.jpg
CONQUES-Forêt de chapiteaux /Abbatiale-OTCM.jpg

 Le Siècle Soulages©/ Abbatiale de Conques.jpg
Tympan-Polychromie/ Abbatiale de Conques.jpg

In partnership with the master glassmaker Jean -Dominique Fleury, Pierre Soulages will begin careful research on obtaining a translucent glass. It will take nearly 400 tests before reaching the expected result. From this unprecedented experience of rendering light in this religious space, the artist concludes:
It is light and material that it crosses that should be born forms and their organization“.

 Le Siècle Soulages©/ CONQUES-AbbatialeVitrauxSoulagesJaunes©K.Wittmann2015
Abbatiale Vitraux SoulagesJaunes©K.Wittmann 2015

Practical Guide

How to get there:
In the department of Aveyron, Occitanie, Rodez is located in the heart of the triangle Clermont-Ferrand, Toulouse and Montpellier.

By plane
Rodez-Aveyron airport 20 minutes from the city center and Soulages museum.
The company provides daily connections PARIS-RODEZ

By train (to reduce your carbon footprint)

Soulages Museum
Yves Klein exhibition. Blue screams …
From June 22 to November 3, 2019
Garden of Foirail, Avenue Victor Hugo, 12000 Rodez

Fenaille Museum
Pierre Soulages exhibition-An imaginary museum
from June 14 to November 10, 2019.
Tel: 05 65 73 84 30
14 place Raynaldy, 12000 Rodez

Miguel Chevalier -Digital Supernova 2019 at the Cathedral of Rodez
Every evening from 8 to 18 August 2019. Free admission from 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm
Information: Tourist Office of
Tel +33 (0) 05 65 75 76 77
Where to stay in Conques:
Hotel Sainte-Foy
Tel: +33 (0) 5 65 69 84 03

Abbey and Nocturnes of Conques:
reservations & information:
Tel: +33 (0) 5 65 72 85 00

 Music to discover:
Musical programming at the Abbey Church of Conques
Association for the Economic and Cultural Development of Conques.

Tourist Office of Conques-Marcillac

Many thanks to the Touristic Development Agency of Aveyron.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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