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Ange Leccia: Ravir la force mais toujours aimer

The abbey of Jumièges nestled in the peaceful meanders of the Seine river proposes until October 31 next a set of six visual art creations by Ange Leccia: To delight the force but always love.
The moving images of this corsican artist evoke water and sky, acting as a metronome of time. Timeless and androgynous faces asleep or just dreamers, drift in filigree on a distant background of musical loops of the last 50 years …   Dealing with a persistent melancholy, that of an adolescence lost over a peaceful water …



Ange Leccia: Ravir la force mais toujours aimer / portrait d'Ange Leccia©-ColineJourdan
Portrait d’Ange Leccia©ColineJourdan

Angel Leccia reminds us that the period of adolescence was called “depression” during Greek antiquity.

I always make the parallel between adolescence and the state of the artist, they are both hyper idealistic and even endian … if there was not this suffering there would not be such creativity!” .




Ange Leccia: Ravir la force mais toujours aimer / Installation d'Ange Leccia©-ColineJourdan
Installation d’Ange Leccia©-ColineJourdan

Echoing the medieval past of the abbey of Jumièges and its  gorgeous open-air ruins, Ange Leccia refers to the myth of Enemies of Jumièges restored in Evariste-Vital Luminais’ painting.  The legend refers to king Clovis II,  away from his kingdom for a distant pilgrimage leaving his two sons behind him. Chasing their mother caused a tremendous fury and Clovis the second  had their feet and legs mutilated when he returned. Forever disabled, the two brothers were placed on a boat and drifted by the current to Jumièges where they were welcomed by monks from the abbey.



Ange Leccia: Ravir la force mais toujours aimer / Tableau des Enervés de Jumièges d'd'Evariste-Vital Luminais ©DR
Tableau des Enervés de Jumièges d’d’Evariste-Vital Luminais ©DR


In the first exhibition room of the abbatial home one will notice the tomb of the 13th century dedicated to this legend. Ange Leccia has worked on video murals walls  facing very beautiful statues of the Middle Ages permanently exposed in the various rooms of his exhibition. These faces, silent witnesses eroded by time, echo this myth reinterpreted by the artist .During our walk from room to room, a distant but familiar air slips insidiously into our ears: “When you were young and on your own, How did it feel to be alone …“. Will you recognize this tune?

Ange Leccia collaborated as a videographer and scenographer with the french singer Christophe and is represented by  Jousse Entreprise gallery in Paris.

Jumièges in the open air

For the third consecutive year under the leadership of Jean-Marc Barroso, artistic curator of the place, a set of land art installations are presented in the park of the sparse abbey of wild orchids and poppies. This artistic walk allows us to have among others, a very romantic vision on the Jumièges open-air ruins. Here a reflection on the beauty and the manipulations undergone by the environment coexist while remaining attentive to the millenary heritage of the abbey.

Ange Leccia: Ravir la force mais toujours aimer / Ruines à ciel ouvert de Jumièges ©K.Hibbs

Note the presence of the artist Nils Udo,  leader of the movement Art in Nature in the 70s in Germany. The public will discover Sanctuary, made with more than 700 cubic meters of land. This triangular mass overlooks the park in a monumental way, punctuated with about twenty shrubs. Four other artists offer the works The Sweat Park, Montée de Serre and Stag Effect Jean-Luc BICHAUD, The Magic of Dreams Christian LAPIE , Shigeko HIRAKAWA’s Belle-Dame de Jumièges and A Sound Field of the Possible, works all in music of Will MENTER. Assuredly the abbey of Jumièges is a bucolic destination not to be missed during the summer!

Exhibition Angel LECCIA To delight the strength but always to love
May 25 to October 31, 2019
Guided tours Saturday June 29th, July 27th, August 24th and Sunday September 8th at 3pm.
Discovery and introduction to video art for 6/12 years old
Information and registration on 02 35 37 24 02

Jumièges in the open
Park of the Jumièges Abbey
09:30 to 18:30
From April 27 to October 31, 2019
24 Rue Guillaume The Conqueror- Jumièges
Tel 02 35 37 24 02

Thanks to Eric Talbot and Seine Attractivité.

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