(Français) Culture et gastronomie du Gers

Aufildeslieux remains faithful to the authentic regions of France, especially to the Gers culture and gastronomy. For the end of the year, why not organize a stroll through slow tourism between exhibitions, catering to its short circuit producers, wineries and heritage places? The Gers region echoes in images with its generous nature and its disconcerting landscapes. It vibrates in winter and summer between music, circus and innovative forms in the field of cooperation between local artisans. Like a friendship that is woven over time, Occitanie does not stop challenging our epicurean desires.While the winter frosts nestle in the small villages of Simorre or Lombez, we can still hear the fanfares of the 31st Festival Circa move away until next autumn …. The Fall of the Angels, a choreographed show by Raphaëlle Boitel The history of the Circa Festival in Auch started in the mid-70s with the Pop Circus in the attic of an oratory, not far from the banks of the Gers river, thanks to the abbot of Lavenère-Lussan. The initiative of this school served to empower young people by giving them the sense of group work. In the 90s it was decided to create a circus show of current