Lieux incontournables


Hôtel Le Six

      Nestled in a quiet street behind the Boulevard du Montparnasse, Hotel Le Six is worth a visit … The Montparnasse of the 20s where Ernest Hemingway found his marks between the Coupole and the bar Falstaff is located nearby. The clientele of the Six, classified in category 4 stars,  gathers 80% of Americans willing to discover the “Paris is a party” of the writer. The establishment is part of the Maisons de Georges collection which also includes the Gaston and Observatoire hotels. The Bonneau family, of Brittany origin, owns it. The decor here is that of a family house revisited with taste and refinement by the interior decorator and architect Stéphane Renaud from the Mouvement carré agency.       The bias was that of greening  depicted in  Spirit jungle styled wallpapers in the common areas. In 41 rooms spread over 6 floors, the walls are embellished with fabrics of the same spirit signed Pierre Frey and Christian Lacroix.         The hotel offers 3 suites of 35 square meters each with a small personalized living room in a space composed of exposed beams with a nice view on the roofs of Paris.   A Six


Nos Ancêtres les Gaulois

 The restaurant Nos Ancêtres les Gaulois located 39 rue St. Louis  en l’île   celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this month  in a setting alternating between hunting trophies, unusual objects and barrels of wine. In the 17th century at the same location was a forge with exposed beams and stone walls. For 50 years already, this authentic Parisian institution regales the most ferocious appetites in a friendly and joyful atmosphere with a unique “all inclusive” formula. You can taste at will a delicious buffet, meat grilled over a wood fire (rib steak, leg of lamb, wild boar sausage, chicken label red chicken, duck confit), cheese platters to share, seasonal fruits and various desserts. We will appreciate the wine served at discretion in huge barrels!     The team of this authentic place is waiting for you, wearing a Gallic cap with the famous horns (beef). After making the necessary connection with the famous national hero Asterix, it reminded me of the costume of Herero and Namas in Namibia. The latter are herders of cattle herds. They defended their good lands against the German Lords who wanted to remove them at the beginning of the XXth century. Their descendants have kept the wearing


London & Partners à Paris

A memorable evening on the theme of London took place in the residence of the Ambassador of England in Paris to promote London & Partners, the official convention office and promotion agency of the capital  across the Channel.This workshop organized masterfully by Axium Marketing Agency has allowed us to discover prestigious London brands and hotels such as The May Fair, where London Fashion Week takes place every year, generating more than 100 million pounds of orders. Barbara Jamison-Woods of the London Convention Bureau was there to inform the various event organizers of London’s extraordinary potential.  Should you dream of having a dinner or a reception at Kensington Palace or a cocktail party in the Tower of London for your clients? This project will become a reality with the help of the London Convention Bureau and its multiple partners!  Many thanks to Axium Marketing and Corinne Both, organizer of this great event!


(Français) Une Saint-Sylvestre en Seine-Maritime

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(Français) Un Noël suédois

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(Français) Culture et gastronomie du Gers

Aufildeslieux remains faithful to the authentic regions of France, especially to the Gers culture and gastronomy. For the end of the year, why not organize a stroll through slow tourism between exhibitions, catering to its short circuit producers, wineries and heritage places? The Gers region echoes in images with its generous nature and its disconcerting landscapes. It vibrates in winter and summer between music, circus and innovative forms in the field of cooperation between local artisans. Like a friendship that is woven over time, Occitanie does not stop challenging our epicurean desires.While the winter frosts nestle in the small villages of Simorre or Lombez, we can still hear the fanfares of the 31st Festival Circa move away until next autumn …. The Fall of the Angels, a choreographed show by Raphaëlle Boitel The history of the Circa Festival in Auch started in the mid-70s with the Pop Circus in the attic of an oratory, not far from the banks of the Gers river, thanks to the abbot of Lavenère-Lussan. The initiative of this school served to empower young people by giving them the sense of group work. In the 90s it was decided to create a circus show of current


The White Paradise of the Jura Mountains ..

There are places far from the maddening crowd to experience a real return to nature. Here you will encounter cozy lodgings with discreet charm melt into the white paradise of the Jura mountains … In a perimeter beyond time, one will be lost willingly in the snow-covered meanders of 310 kilometers of Alpine ski slopes or even more than 2500 km of “gliding” in the middle of the spruce forests. The Jura Mountains, atypical, extend over three departments as well as the regions of Burgundy-Franche -Comté and Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. Country of the famous vin jaune and Comté,  here, know-how is a guarantee of authenticity that we will take the time to savor. The Great Crossings of the Jura will offer you, summer and winter, the pleasures of hiking through the Pays de Montbéliard down to the Bugey located in the Ain region. Six routes are offered with cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter or mountain biking. Cross-country skiers can go from mid-December to mid-March from Villers-Le-Lac in the Doubs region and join Giron in the Ain district. Count 20 to 40 Km per day to cover this stage of 185 Km in total. Snowshoe enthusiasts, meanwhile, will also travel


Tourism in Karnataka

Tourism in Karnataka has recently been honored in one of the salons of the Ritz hotel, Place Vendôme in Paris. In the presence of various tourist development institutions in this region of southern India and representatives of its Embassy in Paris, Axium Marketing Agency has presented a collection of films and stands devoted to this region which is dedicated to five national parks, twenty-one natural reserves and two World Heritage sites. Karnataka, bordered on the west by the Arabian Sea and south west by Kerala, lies just under 200 kilometers south of former Portuguese counter of Goa. You will discover Hampi, once the capital of the mighty Vijayanagara empire of southern India, and after having climbed about 600 steps to reach the summit of Mount Anjaneya, lovers of the Hindu world will marvel at the sight of the Hanuman temple, the god-ape of wisdom. In Karnataka, nature is omnipresent, offering the amazing scenery of Shivanasamudra Falls, located 65 km east of Mysore but also a national park dedicated to the protection of tigers in collaboration with the World Wide Fund and the Wild Life Conservation Society. Karnataka offers a wide spectrum of activities and the most adventurous will immerse themselves


Haarlem, city of the golden age

Qui aurait pensé qu’à seulement 20 kilomètres à l’ouest d’Amsterdam, la ville de Haarlem, cité du Siècle d’or, ait un lien fort avec le célèbre quartier de Manhattan? Cette passerelle historique fut initiée par Pieter Stuyvesant, administrateur de la Nouvelle-Amsterdam. La future ville américaine fut investie par les marchands de la Compagnie Néerlandaise des Indes Occidentales qui faisaient du commerce de peaux. C’est ainsi que fut créée en Amérique du nord la colonie de Nouvelle-Hollande et qu’émergèrent la ville de New-York et son quartier de New Harlem ( Nieuw Haarlem) L’empreinte de ces grands découvreurs de la côte est des Etats-unis se retrouve dans certaines descendances familiales telle que celle de Theodore Roosevelt, 26 ème Président des Etats-Unis, de lignée hollandaise depuis le XVII ème siècle. Ce rapprochement historique de deux grandes cultures subsiste aujourd’hui entre la ville de Haarlem aux Pays-Bas et le quartier de Manhattan avec lequel elle est jumelée au travers d’échanges économiques et culturels depuis la grande épopée du Siècle d’or. Située à un jet de pierres d’Amsterdam, Haarlem et ses 160 000 habitants est résolument tournée vers la culture, conservant une riche tradition littéraire, picturale et graphique comme en témoigne la statue de l’imprimeur Janszoon


(Français) Dorothea Lange – Politiques du visible

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